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Teaching Artist Classroom Management

Classroom management is the key to being a productive teaching artist at The Young Women's Leadership School of Queens (TYWLS), which is where I am doing my internship with Community-Word Project's Teaching Artist Training & Internship Program (TATIP). While we are helping our students find their unique creative voices, my fellow teaching artists and I need to keep in mind that these young ladies are still teenagers, who can get distracted and easily veer off track. In order to mitigate this in a manner that encourages creative expression, it is our job to captivate our students' attention from the beginning of class and continue to employ classroom management techniques to make sure they s

My Classroom Experience

My experience in Community-Word Project's (CWP) Teaching Artist Training & Internship Program (TATIP) has been wonderful so far. I am interning once a week with a 4th grade class. When I started, I was so surprised and delighted to know that the students were attentive and were actively engaged in many of the activities. Each week, I observe how my teaching artist mentors, T. Scott Lilly and Mary Cinadr, present their lesson plans to the students and am able to connect what I learned in training to a real classroom environment. During Scott and Mary's lessons, I have seen the implementation of several techniques that I learned during TATIP training. For example, the "focus bowl" ritual is an

Writing in the Midst of Sisterhood

Interning at the The Young Women's Leadership School (TYWLS) with Katie Rainey has been a wonderful experience. While I was in grade school, all girls’ schools were stigmatized as being drama filled and limiting. However, through my experience at TYWLS thus far, I am questioning my entire educational experience attending co-gender schools. As the only girl of four children, I constantly yearned for sisterhood. I realized attending a school like TYWLS would have been conducive to the determined and motivated type of student I was. TYWLS has shifted my conception of an all girls’ school, as there is a direct focus on leadership development and academic achievement. In addition, I noticed the s

My First Experience in the Classroom

In my first few experiences in the classroom as an intern, I was struck by the students’ enthusiasm. They seemed eager to participate in the activities and interact with the Teaching Artists Scott Lilly and Elizabeth Leonard, as well as each other. During the first class I observed, the topic was community poems. The students were instructed to envision what they wanted their future community to be like and then write a line to contribute to their table’s poem. The students then had to work together in groups to construct the poems from each of their lines. They seemed to put a lot of thought into coming up with their lines and were eager to run them by Scott and Elizabeth, as well as the cl

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