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Implementing a Creative Lesson

I was a bundle of nerves on my train ride up to PS 279 Captain Manuel, Jr. this week. I was scheduled to teach my lesson to the 4th grade students, whose class I have been doing my internship with these last 8 weeks. My lesson had been put off for several weeks due to snow, testing, and winter break, so there was a lot of anticipation. I arrived to the classroom a few minutes early, so I could lay out all the materials I had carefully prepared, along with a timing cheat sheet so Mary Cinadr and T. Scott Lilly, my mentors, would be able to help keep me on track. I started off the lesson with a meditation warm up. I had the children breathe into their bellies, imagining that their feet were ro

Teaching for After School

The 2016-2017 trainees are in the second half of Community-Word Project’s Teaching Artist Training & Internship Program (TATIP). The elective seminars provided by TATIP have been enriching my fellow Teaching Artists and me with new tips and skills to incorporate into our residencies. The first elective seminar I attended was called "Teaching for After-School" and was held with Wingspan Arts, an arts education nonprofit that is a part of the TATIP Cohort. This seminar made it evident that TATIP and its organizational partners have mastered modeling! At the seminar, we were provided step-by-step tools for interacting with elementary school children. To do this, we acted like young students and

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