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Building in Reflection

The importance of reflection is something that cannot be stressed enough. It is also a valuable lesson we learned during our time with the Teaching Artist Project (TAP). Our lesson plans and teaching paths can be so rich, even after peeling back the layers and allowing for things to simmer with our students for a while. In order for our students to obtain and make the most out of what we are teaching them, it is important for us to always reflect with them. Reflection happens with every lesson and should happen at the end of the residency as well. With each lesson, we should always try and see what our students are getting out of our plans by extracting from them what observations they have

Co-Planning and Presenting a Lesson

During Community-Word Project's Teaching Artist Project (TAP) seminars, I had the opportunity to co-create and present a lesson plan with my fellow intern, Stephanie McKay. After creating and presenting a lesson with her, I see the value of co-teaching. It’s easier to come up with more creative ideas and solutions to challenges when working with another person. In addition, the students get the added benefit of learning through two interwoven art forms. After a lot of brainstorming, Stephanie and I realized that our respective creative practices, dance and music, draw heavily on emotions and have strong storytelling capacities (TAP'S Creative Elements worksheet was great for getting us start

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