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The Teaching Artist Waltz: On Partnerships & Collaboration

On November 11th, our 37 TAP trainees came together once again for the third workshop of the year in order to explore partnerships and collaboration. Our Advanced Trainees started the day by presenting the collaborative lesson plans they created with their partners. They presented lessons that collaborated all art forms for a variety of ages. These lessons included creating three-dimensional characters through our cultural backgrounds, putting together found poems that express our authentic voice, connecting images to physical experiences, and exploring identity through writing and movement. The New & Beginning trainees participated in the lessons as students, jumping in to take part and lea

Learning to Teach... Together

On November 4th, 2017, the 2017-18 TAP trainees gathered together once again at The Drama League for the second workshop of the year. The theme of this workshop: Lesson Planning & Learning Objectives. Lesson planning can get really dense when approached head on. However, Facilitators Patti Chilsen and Karla Robinson decided to lead the group in an experiential model lesson, so that they experienced the first half of the day as students, rather than as Teaching Artists. Patti and Karla showed how to expertly weave art forms (theatre and writing) by bringing to life a poem by Kelly Norman Ellis title "Raised by Women." The participants used kinesthetic, sensory, visual, and spatial learning to


Congratulations, Michele! Recipient of the National Guild's 2017 Milestone Award! The National Guild for Community Arts Education has awarded Michele Kotler, Community-Word Project's Founder and Executive Director, a Milestone Award for her dedication to serving the arts education field. The National Guild recognizes extraordinary leaders for their contributions to arts education at their annual Conference for Community Arts Education. Twenty years ago Michele founded Community-Word Project to inspire children in NYC schools to think critically, creatively, and become active citizens for positive change in their communities. She also set out to enrich the arts education field by equipping te

The Journey Begins: TAP 2017-18

And we're off! On October 27th, 2017, 38 artists gathered at The Drama League in Tribeca for the opening reception of Teaching Artist Project 2017-18. This group of talented theatre and visual artists, writers, dancers, musicians, and mixed media artists came together to meet their fellow classmates, facilitators, and mentors in a small reception hosted by Community-Word Project staff. Artistic Director, Patti Chilsen, welcomed the group and introduced various CWP staff members, including Founder & Executive Director, Michele Kotler, who gave the new trainees some background on the program and why this work is so important today. In addition to getting to know one another over cocktails, sna

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