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Summer Institute 2017: What does it mean to teach for social justice?

On July 19th, 2017, twenty-nine Teaching Artists came together to focus on teaching for social justice and enhancing their skills in the classroom at Community-Word Project’s (CWP) 7th annual Summer Institute. This year’s community was made up of writers, musicians, media & visual artists, dancers and theatre artists from all over the country, including New York, Tennessee, Arizona, and Texas. Facilitated by Program Director Patti Chilsen and Program Facilitator Karla Robinson, the training spanned an intense three days, building upon the social justice pedagogy that is the foundation for CWP’s Teaching Artist Project. We were lucky to spend the institute in two beautiful locations: the Lang

Teaching for Social Justice in an Inclusive Classroom

As Teaching Artists in Community-Word Project's Teaching Artist Training & Internship Program (TATIP), we have the immense, and often breath-taking privilege, of experiencing specialized professional development workshops with youth arts organizations all across the city. We recently found ourselves with Brooklyn Art Council and Marquis Studios, experiencing an inclusive-classroom model with Teaching Artists T. Scott Lilly and Hiromi Niizeki! As trainers, Hiromi and Scott immersed us in the classroom experience, as though we were students ourselves. Our key takeaways, as we continue to build lesson plans for all kinds of classrooms, include: Role model what you want AND don’t want: students

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