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Navigating the Interview Process

My fellow trainees and I are wrapping up our internships with Community-Word Project’s Teaching Artist Training & Internship (TATIP) program and the job interview process has begun to loom over us. During our latest group debrief session, our mentors, Patti Chilsen and Scott Lilly, made some excellent points about the job search and interview process. They explained that in person introductions are always better than resumes submitted through email or fax. Meeting in person lets the potential employer place a name to the resume and see if there is any memorable chemistry. To do this, it is important to attend career events and really put yourself out there. It is also essential to make sure

2017 Arts in Education Job Fair

On May 16th, 2017, Community-Word Project joined forces with the Arts in Education Roundtable and the Borough of Manhattan Community College to put on the 2017 Arts in Education Job Fair. An exciting event in the works for months in advance, the fair was attended by over 500 Teaching Artists, administrators, students, interns, professionals and beginners looking to crack into the field of Teaching Artistry. Over 50 arts in education organizations were present and eager to talk with artists of all skill levels. “I loved meeting so many enthusiastic artists and explaining our work to a group of students who didn't previously realize how well our pedagogy fits in with their desired approach to

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