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Art Administration was a great choice for TAP fieldwork

As part of the 2021 TAP program I chose Arts Administration for my fieldwork requirement.There were about four other choices but this one included an introduction to grant writing and non profit structure–a base of knowledge I have previously yearned for. Like many other people I have worked for a non-profit, however I was unclear on many aspects of how they operate.

Through this fieldwork I learned so much I never knew as an employee. One of the things gained from this fieldwork was a better understanding of what the “Board” was, each member's role and how those individuals are initially chosen. In addition I learned there are different types of nonprofit models.

We were also treated to the opportunity to meet Michele Kotler, the CWP founder, and we were able to ask her questions and learn how this wonderful program came into existence. Grant Writing was another area I became more familiar with through this fieldwork. I've always heard from other artists when they would apply for grants and I asked myself “What is it that they know in order to locate and receive grant awards to fund their creative projects?” The whole idea felt daunting, where do you start?

Luckily this fieldwork introduced us to the world of grant writing through researching and writing grants that could either serve as experience or actual applications for us. This Arts Administration fieldwork prepared me immeasurably and I am more confident as an artist about avenues of funding available to me.


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