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My TAP Cohort

My TAP cohort was an amazing group of artists.

I was accepted into the Fall 2021 group Teaching Artist for the TAP program. I had no idea what to expect but I was hoping to meet other Teaching Artists and learn how to better pitch myself for teaching artist opportunities. The program turned out to be more rigorous than I expected despite being 100% remote.

In general the program had four sections: Workshops, Fieldwork, Salons, and Electives all of which had their own schedules. In addition to being part of the entire group of teaching artists we were also broken into “care teams” for small breakout room discussions and activities. My care team was awesome, we really hit it off. We were all coincidently mothers of youngsters who were occasionally on our lap. The experience was positive and inspiring.

I met such a diverse group of artists with global experiences and perspectives that really help broaden my own. Thank You for the experience TAP and Community Word Project.


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