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The Art of Lesson Planning

On November 12th, TATIP reconvened at The Drama League for the third installment of the Saturday training days. We had some special new partners with us as well, staff members from the Memphis Music Initiative. We hope to share more with you about this exciting partnership in the coming months. After an intense election week that left many feeling rattled and lost, the trainees and facilitators were able to come together, share, celebrate one another, and heal. Facilitator Heidi Miller led the group in an activity to start the day off and reflect on why we were all there. After our warm up... it was time for the lesson plan presentations! For the last two weeks, the trainees have been workin

Constructing a Scaffold

On October 29th, TATIP reconvened for the second Saturday training day to focus on lesson planning, objectives, and more. This week's training was led by Program Director Patti Chilsen and TATIP Facilitator T. Scott Lilly. We started off with our graffiti wall opening ritual, responding to prompts about our favorite lessons in school, what we'd like to know more of, etc. Scott then led the group through a movement and rhythm warm up to get us prepared for the day. After preparing our bodies and minds for a full day ahead, we sat down and assumed roles as students, while Patti and Scott guided us through a model lesson that would use sensory details, gestures, and movement to express our thou

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