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Sharing My Passion: Scaffolding and Sweating in Astoria

As part of our apprenticeships in NYC classrooms, TAP trainees are responsible for co-teaching a full lesson at some point. Mine was during 2nd period on February 8th, and it was the first time I led a full lesson in a real classroom setting. Let’s just say there’s not enough deodorant in the world to help with the sweating I was doing. But by the end, we had broken down part of a short film, brainstormed together, and produced some work. So, overall, it was a quick, but successful 40 minutes. The residency my CWP Mentor Teaching Artists Jay Howard and Taylor Valentine crafted revolved around the themes of Justice and Injustice, and they asked their trainees (me) to create something in line

On Creating Collaborative, Social Justice Teaching

What is needed for the profession of teaching artistry to be ethically grounded in social justice? What does it look like? Who is involved? What values and goals are needed? How do we transform rich, meaningful discussions into practical applications in the classroom? These are just a few questions the Summer Institute collective sought to tackle in this year's three-day training for advanced teaching artists. On July 16th, 2018, twenty-five teaching artists from across the country traveled to the South Bronx in order to participate in this year's training. We were fortunate to collaborate with BronxArtSpace, a non-profit gallery that promotes the innovative ideas of underrepresented and eme

Using What I Learned

In this past year in TAP, I saw a fabulous variety of different professional development workshops all over the five boroughs. A really memorable one was a trip we advanced TAPpers took to the National Museum of the American Indian. The exhibit we visited was called “Transformers,” and it featured native artists using light and sound to contextualize more traditional mediums into a modern context. These artists drew from the richness of their culture's roots and brought the traditions and motifs into the modern age, firmly demonstrating that native cultures, and their art, are fully alive with poignant impact on modern society. The experience, which featured native basket weaving, dance, sto

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