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TAP Summer Series 2020

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Summer Institute will not be held in its traditional format. Instead, we are offering a series of virtual workshops during July & August. Participants may register for workshops below. 

Painting With What You've Got

In the spirit of using what we have at home, during this art making workshop we’ll be creating with homemade paint made from your perky beverage of choice. First we’ll explore the natural origins of paints and dyes and how they’ve been used worldwide. Then, we’ll make our own paint and use it to create an image - maybe of something that's been brewing on your mind? Participants will experience new visual arts activities they can do virtually with their students.  

Writing and Channeling Anger:

A Transformative Emotion in the Class

How can we use the emotion of anger in our art and writing to fuel discussion and ignite restorative practices in the classroom? Often, we’re taught to see anger as a harmful or negative emotion, particularly in educational settings. But what happens when we give anger space to bloom and give our students the opportunity to explore this shared emotional space in solidarity? Through collaboration, discussion, meditation and generative exercises, we will explore this infamous emotion in the educational and artistic space. Through self-exploration and written work, we will see how actively honoring and truly sitting with the emotion of anger with our students can build community and create space for deeper inquisition, interrogation and emotional relief in our classrooms.

    Teaching to Everyone in the Room:

    Making Your Virtual Classroom an Inclusive One

    Now that many of us are working with students in a virtual setting, how can we stay committed to engaging our entire class, while tending to the specific needs of some, through a computer screen? In this workshop we will explore some thinking behind inclusive classrooms and how to establish some best practices around accessibility in your lesson planning. Together we will review the idea of Multiple Intelligences as well as Universal Design for Learning. We will learn how a lesson planning checklist can help us teach to everyone in the room and participate in a model visual arts lesson incorporating the use of the checklist.

    Social-Emotional Learning through Art in Times of Crisis

    Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is the cornerstone of a healthy and nurturing classroom. Yet, as many of our classrooms are forced to meet virtually due to the pandemic, SEL repeatedly gets overlooked because of academic requirements and the transition to digital learning. In this workshop, we’ll participate as both students and teachers, experiencing new activities we might share with our students and then zooming out to look at those activities as teachers through a SEL lens. We’ll discuss the competencies of SEL and how those translate through an artistic lens. This workshop will incorporate all art forms and teaching artists will have the opportunity to explore activities they might bring into their virtual classrooms.

    Bias in the Classroom:

    An Exploration of Whiteness in our Teaching Artist Practice

    This workshop is designed for white teaching artists working in the classroom, however all are welcome to attend. In this workshop, facilitators Melissa Shaw and Katie Rainey will lead participants on an exploration of their own bias and how white supremacy culture shows up in our classrooms. We’ll examine our teaching practices, the art forms we teach through, and what we expose our students to. Participants will have a chance to work with teaching artists that teach in the same art form and explore bias specifically related to their art.

    America is Me, America is NOT Me

    A unique workshop that explores “self” in the context of the world around us to poetically define a picture that captures our own perspective containing the duality of being an American Citizen. Through creative dialogue and writing exercises fostered by their own lived experiences, Facilitator Javan Howard will lead participants in exploring poetic techniques to identify and examine their own relationship as it relates to being an american citizen.

    "In the Summer Institute, every voice in the space, every moment, every movement is a resource. The same is true in an open and effective classroom. By being the student, we experienced the lessons from critical viewpoints as both a participant and a facilitator. As a result, I left a better artist, teacher and curator for experiences for social change. And while I still had more questions and desire for even more intricate training, I left feeling prepared and full."

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