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Lorna Leighton, Visual Arts

Lorna Leighton is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer living in Brooklyn. She has an MFA in Illustration and a BS in Political Economics. In the 90's, she worked as an AIDS educator in Harlem and the South Bronx and as a case worker for a homeless shelter for young mothers on the Lower East Side. In 1998, after receiving her MFA, she started working as a graphic designer/retoucher for Universal Music Group where she remained for 15 years. She completed the Mural Course for Artists at Mural Arts Philadelphia in 2015 and volunteered on 3 school murals. In January 2016, she was hired as a senior graphic designer at Douglas Elliman Real Estate where she stayed for almost 3 years. She has freelanced full-time since 2019. Lorna was born in Chile and raised primarily in Brazil. She came to the US as a teenager with her family. She is happy to live in Fort Greene, a neighborhood whose diversity and beauty allow her to feel at peace and at home. As a painter, Lorna is most interested in landscape. Her paintings are based on memories, photos and dreams about the places she has seen. She goes outdoors to sketch regularly and she belongs to a figure drawing group that meets weekly. She would love to teach ‘sketchbooking’ - especially to seniors and to become more involved with planning and painting community murals.

TAP Work:

"I really enjoyed attending the workshops - including the outside workshops. The Curriculum Design workshops with Jay Howard were excellent. He is an awesome teacher, very out of the box and intuitive. I learned a lot from him. I think I have a really good idea of how to plan my future class. My internship hasn't happened yet - because of fingerprinting issues - but I hope it will happen in January!"

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"My most memorable and enjoyable moments were with my fellow TAP students. I was so touched by the things they said and I felt so at home with my tribe of artists - I found them unexpectedly here at TAP. I hope to be able to continue to meet with them and to follow what they do in their creative lives."

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