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Taeesha Muhammad, Visual Arts

Taeesha M is a collagist, abstract painter, and arts educator. Her works inspire a dialog about the power of language as it relates to the African in the Americas from all Diasporas. Her art has always explored the human condition. As an African American Female, she has a distinct point of view of the world. There are so many layers; in learning about herself, as a Being, as a woman, and as a descendant of Africa in America, she sees the world through so many lenses. The things her works question is how we connect the past to the future, and how the citizens of this world connect with each other. It is a very open ended curiosity, because she allows the questions of relationships, interactions, vibes, emotions, the physical, and the spiritual. She is always looking for the synchronicity. In her works, there is also a great wonder about the way people are in their culture. How are we able to create the natural ebb and flow that is necessary to support and nurture each other? This is the language that connects us. Her work shows this merge of cultures, personalties, connections, and vibes in the human condition. During the pandemic, the events that played across the globe reached a different volume. The scope of the collections grew too in size and depth to include new themes and conversions. In connecting with the community at large, she is always looking for ways to assist others in finding their creative voices. Though thoughts, sketches and collaging, she helps others find the hidden artist in us all.

TAP Work:

"My movements with TAP have become more intentional. I really want to move forward with my desire to move into community projects. I have accepted an Art Residency, and I feel this program has helped with that process."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"I was very challenged by this program. The language I needed to assist with my art speak has been invaluable. I appreciated the way we were able to integrate both teaching artist ideologies as well as current ideas that allow for independent thought."

Find out more about Taeesha's work here:

Sentimental Mood - Taeesha M.


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