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Michelan Marie "Mi.I.Mi" Le'Monier, Multidisciplinary Artist

"Amazing things happen when there are people who are willing to support and invest in you. We need more spaces that are willing to put as much effort in Artists/Teaching Artists/and Educators."

Michelan "Mi·I·Mi" Le'Monier is an upcoming artist whose growth stems from her inspiration of her melanin community and her development as viBeGirl. Mi·I·Mi started out in viBeSolos and continued taking part in various viBe programs. From there, she became an intern in the summer of 2017, moved on as an administrative apprentice in 2018, and now works as an Operations Assistant at viBe. She loves to devote time spreading positivity and creating memorable poetry pieces. In her free time, she volunteers with the "NYPD Explorers" program and teaches step to kids. She hopes to build up and uplift her community through her performance work.

TAP Work:

"It didn't really hit me that I had to put more effort into exploring and defining my artistic identity outside of my job until I took part in TAP. Here, I've been giving the time and tools to really build on the values I hold close to me as an artist as well as create a Teaching Artist statement I feel best represents me and my work."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"I will never forget the first day of our fieldwork, I didn't know what to expect, but I was already excited to to learn what I didn't know about arts administration yet. I was both informed and affirmed that the work I am doing is both necessary and has obstacles for everyone. As well as reassured that I was in the right field."

Find out more about Mi·I·Mi here:


"Goddess’s Reflection"

What happens when you can’t see

the Goddess that resides in your reflection.

When cracks morph into holes and you are now

Your greatest fear?

Reflected from missing pieces of

shards bouncing off the backboard

Where your happiness used to be.

What happens to your sanity?

when The Goddess you were looking for

hoping for

Focuses on the shards at your feet

Instead of the horror on your face?

Won’t admit to the mistakes she has made.

It’s obvious she regrets cutting your fingers

On flaws

But so careful not to cut the perfection

Out of what should be realistic fantasies

Expectations to mend flaws

That was built into DNA

And now you’ve unzipped

Every part of you

Down to the genetic coding trying to replicate what was never really you.

She’s nothing like you.

She’s sexually free