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Mariana Ramirez, Musician

I am percussionist from Mexico City based in New York City. I enjoy teaching music in order to share traditions from Latin America. I also love performing on Broadway, orchestras, chamber ensembles and pop bands. I also love creating and developing my own projects and write grants in order to develop them.

TAP Work:

"I am in NYC, I worked with Helayne, Javier, Anu, Amanda and Samira. I performed once for the group, I enjoyed sharing music with the group."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"My most memorable moment with the group was in one of the saloons. I played two pieces of music on the vibraphone for the group. I really enjoyed reading their comments and knowing that the music make them feel relaxed and calm. Specially now a days, those emotions might be hard to find and I was happy to be able to help with that with music."

Find out more about Mariana here:


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