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Lynn Logan Roselli, Visual Artist

Lynn Logan Roselli is an artist whose sensitivity to nature creates a unique spiritual take. Her love of the botanical world and landscapes are her focus in photographs and drawings. She loves to capture the essence of the tree with its sensuality and movement. With her love of color, light, form and personal view, Lynn hopes to bring the viewer closer to nature in a way that we don’t see every day. Lynn is a self taught artist. Her love of nature was brought to life in the Earth Art program she developed at The Children’s Museum of the Arts. Here preschool students were encouraged to interact with nature on a deeper level througIh open-play, exploration and experimentations. The sheer joy in the class was inspiring as they created artwork from natural materials. Through inquiry based discussion, children learned about the world around them and the importance of caring for the land.

TAP Work:

"At TAP, Lynn entered the fieldwork of Art Administration and became a student of Katie Rainey. Katie is an excellent teacher who loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with her students. From grant-writing to marketing, these skills will help Lynn grow both professionally and personally. Under the guidance of Katie, Lynn wrote a grant for her Earth Art Program."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"Most memorable moments was wh

en we were asked to create a piece of art from the materials laying around the house. In these days of COVID-19 shutdown and lockdown, it was a fun way to get creatively inspired."

Find out more about Lynn here:


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