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Lucy Rosenthal, Writer

"Sometimes one has to know something many times over. Sometimes one forgets, and then remembers. And then forgets, and then remembers. And then forgets again." - Maggie Nelson

Lucy is a writer and an MFA candidate at the Bennington Writing Seminars. Her work focuses on themes of transition, childhood memories, inheritance, and reclamation of the body. She reads tarot, cuts her own hair, and is really good at making U-turns.

TAP Work:

"I did my fieldwork on the Curriculum Design track and learned so much about structuring a classroom in such a way that prioritizes building emotional insightfulness and fostering a love for the creative process in each student. I interned with Jay Howard's creative writing and podcasting class at IS 126Q and loved observing his collaborative and interdisciplinary approach."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"Meeting so many devoted artists and educators in this cohort and learning about their practices made it feel like my world was expanding and filling with light again amidst what has otherwise been such a dark and isolating time."

Find out more about Lucy here:


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