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Emonde M Prosper, Performance Artist

"A people without knowledge of the past history, origin and culture is like a tree with no roots." —Marcus Garvey

Emonde M Prosper is an author, spoken word poet, arts journalist and cultural diplomat on creative entrepreneurship. Founder and CEO of RegalPoete, an arts and education programming company, she devotes her time to developing artists into small business

owners. With her first book, “Enough is Enough: Pay Me for Thou Art” she continues to be a passionate vocal advocate for the mental and social reform of the prosperous artist in all art forms.

TAP Work:

"With TAP, I have been able to become more confident executing my assignments. I am getting more clear on my goals and where I am needing to go I had not thought about 5 to 10 year goals and now I am thinking about those lines with my art."


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