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Eleanor M., Multidisciplinary Artist

Eleanor moore is a true Multidisciplinary Artist, working in NYC for the past 18 years. Her performance installations (including site - specific choreography, urban noise, sculpture, drawing, video, and music) have been performed in venues through out North America. Exploring themes of gender, Chocktaw history, and social justice, her work can be described as “environmental”. She has also contributed to more traditional means of art consumption, as a musician, visual artist, and dancer. She had the honor of collaborating on a sound and visual installation for the Kara Walker 2010 swing space. Small batch label called brainplanrecords, was established in 2009. Known primarily for cassette releases, the label has also put out CDs, records, and produces performance events.

TAP Work:

"I have definitely made an effort to attend as many of the extra workshops offered as humanly possible, trying to capitalize on my working-from-home situation. After some deliberation, a honed my focus on the administration track, the area where I have had the least experience. I discovered some new possible sources of funding, an took an in depth look at grant writing. I am so glad that I took a step outside of my comfort zone, and put in the extra work here."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"The TA community at TAP has been as influential as the workshops and outside research. I didn’t expect to feel such a community spirit in this virtual setting. Talking and collaborating with peers has expanded my thought process on this type of work, while alerting me to other career avenues I would not have know about otherwise."

Find out more about Eleanor here:


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