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Dan Faltz, Visual art, expressive writing, and movement

Dan Faltz’s arts programming and cultural equity work allow him to educate and advocate at the intersection of public art, education, and diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion (DEAI). Dan designs free and low-cost social emotional arts programs for UCLArts & Healing and also serves as vice chair of the arts and cultural affairs commission for the City of West Hollywood. He has developed programming, education, and inclusion initiatives for several organizations including the Academy Museum and Academy Film Archive. Dan loves that the arts allow multiple entry points to self-expression and emotional resilience for diverse populations, creative intelligences, and abilities; and that arts programs can be vehicles for social change.

TAP Work:

"TAP has been an amazing opportunity to explore and examine the responsibility we have as teaching artists to our learners and communities. I've learned and shared so much participating in the collaborative, co-learning environment. And I've come away with more tools, more inspiration, and a stronger sense of purpose."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"This has been such a special experience; so well designed and executed. Appreciate all the forethought and care."

Bark, Dan Faltz


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