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Brittany "Bk" King, Theatre Artist

“Birds don’t make a plan to migrate, raising resources to fund their way, packing for scarce times, mapping out their pit stops. They feel a call in their bodies that they must go, and they follow it, responding to each other, each bringing their adaptations.” —adrienne maree brown

Brittany King (Bk) is a Poet, Playwright, Actor, and Community Organizer living in Miami, FL USA. A native of South Florida, her work lies at the intersection of ‘Artivism’ which fuses art, storytelling, and activism into work that challenges and moves communities to stand in solidarity with those agitating for a more just, freer world. She aims to shift the harmful narratives that are often painted about her communities, by exploring different ways to view and interact with one another. Through the cultivation of music, poetry, art, storytelling, and theatre, Bk is transforming her world one story at a time.

TAP Work:

"Since joining the TAP cohort, I've been in community with artists across the nation. We've figured out ways to integrate theatre into our online spaces, and have started to collaborate and create curriculum that is youth-centered and interactive, perfect for teaching during a pandemic."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"I really enjoyed when we got into non-traditional art practices, it reminded me that more often than not we have everything we need to succeed nearby and readily available, gonna try making paint with blueberries more often!"

Find out more about Bk here:

"Soul Eyes"

To feel his gaze

ignites a fire under my belly

within confines of attraction

I find myself envisioning a life never lived

a love never given

an intimacy unknown

You look to me and I feel like a girl again

playing hide and seek in the park

just to find you

to be alone

under our favorite tree

This feeling like magic

my body like glitter

is whipped matter formed

by the weight of his being

Quiet as kept I hold no fear

I know him

his heart calls to me

something deep inside me

slowly silently answers

as we yearn for nearness

for closeness

for touch

whenever your gaze is embraced

a memory replays

a timeline of a life yet to be lived

A life yet to be explored

you give me next lifetime vibes

when we lock eyes

each time

I'm reminded

we’ve existed in

spaces and time