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Alicia Thompson, Theatre and Writing

Alicia Thompson is a Theatre Artist, Writer, Educator and TEDx Speaker. Alicia has used her artistry to create customized workshops and performances that uplift and empower others. She founded Artistry is Ministry (AIM) Productions as a pathway to address social issues, educate and inspire others for change, and to build youth self-esteem and confidence. As a Playwright, Alicia created three short plays (Park Therapy), a solo show (I Am My Hair) which deals with women of the diaspora self-image and the acceptance of authentic beauty, and (I Salute You Good Men Monologues) that explores co-parenting, fatherhood and appreciation for positive male role models. As a Kingian Nonviolence Teaching Artist, Alicia also integrates the Principles of Kingian Nonviolence in her work. Her passion for community involvement has led her to serve on various boards and councils such as the National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement (NAFSCE), Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI), and Parents Supporting Educational Excellence (Parent SEE).

TAP Work:

"TAP equipped me with necessary resources to become a future Arts Education Administrator who can confidently build sustainable programs that will provide opportunities for youth to express themselves through writing/performing, and discover their assets by developing strategies to deal with issues that help create a pathway towards personal growth. The program also helped strengthen my pedagogical practice as a newly certified Business and Tech Education Teacher and Teaching Artist to explore creative ways to incorporate arts integration into curriculum. An opportunity too."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"My most memorable moment was collaborating with a few cohort members to plan the first of two TAP salons. It was very rewarding to experience the effect of the activities."

Find out more about Alicia here:


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