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Salvatore Corso, Media Artist

What it seemed to be a curiosity driven push, toward exploring new experiences, turned out being for Salvatore an existential journey to find himself. During his existence he has been a track & field athlete, a lifeguard, a consultant for energy markets, a passionate Jazz music listener, and a traveler: by hitchhiking, driving cars and picking up hitchhikers, riding trains, planes and buses.

As a matter of fact, it has been his desire of preserving memories from live concerts and travels, that has led Salvatore to being interested to photography since he was a teenager; an interest that has become the common denominator throughout Salvatore's life, but which he didn't consider as a profession until later, when he was hired to photograph music concerts in Italy.

At that time his main occupation was to analyze and consult clients about energy markets, and providing them with legal support. As his experience grew, Salvatore became involved with training newly hired and associates, in addition to his job as an analyst. After moving to NYC in 2003, he decided to dedicate himself full-time to offering his services as a freelance photographer.

Salvatore has specialized in portraiture, landscape architecture, and weddings, working with individual, corporate, music industry, editorial clients, and tutoring students of different ages about photography. Salvatore has also completed a few fine-art and editorial projects, exhibited in New York, Milan and Rome (Italy). His current portfolio reflects his life long fascination with cinematography: he captures his subjects in images where a hint of drama blends with his vision. In his words “When you show your photos, you share your experience and who you are through them: you are basically teaching. Not in a formal way, but there are very important common elements”. And this is the idea that has inspired Salvatore to join TAP and become a student again, to become a teacher.

TAP Work:

"In TAP, I grew: as a person, as an artist and as a professional. As a person, I found in TAP a safe environment where to explore my strengths and weaknesses, and my inner struggles as well, almost like in a group therapy. As an artist, I discovered the meaning of teaching art as a way to help other people to find their potential as human beings: communicate feelings, yes; but also showing that those feelings are there to be awakened in each one of us As a professional, I improved my skills and I added new ones: one thing is having a beautiful idea in mind; another thing is to articulate that idea, breaking it down in elements that creates community, and transmit it in a way that can inspire to succeed. At TAP I had the opportunity to learn techniques to create an environment that can host and nurture multiple intelligences, where I can use the experience in my craft to inspire them, so that they can express and learn about themselves. I was also lucky enough to start three internships, with Arts For All (K-2), Wingspan (K-2), and at the Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts – Creative Writing & Visual Arts."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"As weird as it can seems, it was during a zoom workshop, when we did an exercise about who was a role model for a 5YO child. I don't remember who was exactly for me at that age, but I realized how strongly my parents have been a role model for me all through my life in so many ways."

Find out more about Salvatore here:

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