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Magaly Vega, Visual Artist

Magaly Vega-Lopez was born in Mexico City in 1986. She is a visual storyteller, educator, and writer that uses counter-narratives to start a dialogue on the violent acts of reality and pursues possible social healings through art.

Using art as a medium to understand the world, to engage with our community and to imagine a better future.

The artist holds Master of Art + Education from NYU Steinhardt, class 2019, a Master of Fine Arts from the New York Academy of Art, class 2016 and BA Interactive Design from Universidad Iberoamericana.

The artist lives and works in NYC, her work has been exhibited in the US, Mexico, Spain, and Germany. She is been awarded a couple of artistic residencies in Russia, Argentina and Switzerland.

TAP Work:

Magaly has worked with TAP Mentor Jay Howard on TAP Digital Learning Opportunities within ARC and NYPL. Working with her care team helped give us all mutual support in these pandemic times. Magaly has also been applying for public art ed projects in the city. She is looking for opportunities to give art workshops in other parts of the world.

See more about Magaly here:

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