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Luciana Farias, Dancer

Luciana is an Argentinian flamenco and Spanish Dance dancer, choreographer and educator. She started in Argentina at the early age of 5 years old. All her life she has specialized in Danza estilizada y Escuela Bolera with castanets.

Luciana has lived in New York since July 2018 where she performs weekly. She joined Flamenco y Sol Company & Flamenco Vivo Company, conducting residencies at public schools and Senior Centers in New York City. She is also a former flamenco teacher at Mark Morris Dance Center and Centro Espanol de Queens.

In June 2019 Luciana was awarded a full scholarship for the “Spanish dance and Flamenco Program” in Jacobs Pillow School including 108 dance hours with masters Carmen Ledesma (Spain), Carmela Greco (Spain) and Irene Rodriguez (Cuba). She is also participating of the Teaching Artist Program (Community Wold Project).

TAP Work:

"My time at TAP has been highly gratifying. I started very new to teaching in public schools and even though there have been only a few months of classes, I already feel I have key tools to be prepared and to be a teaching artist. Although I already had experience teaching Flamenco in private institutes, I did not know the methods or the system for teaching in the USA. I feel that this program has been fundamental to my development as a teaching artist and I feel empowered to carry it out. I was able to test the tools obtained at PS 211, PS85 and New Commerce HS and I have really enjoyed it. I am very happy to have absorbed so much art from different disciplines and to have had the opportunity to participate in such a beautiful community."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"The salons! The community breathing all together, feeling powerful."

Find out more about Luciana here:

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