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Lance Moreland, Media Artist

Lance has worked over forty years creating and developing images in film, television and advertising. He started off in photography specializing in glass, food and fashion while working at a Texas PBS station. He did publicity for the first season of Austin City Limits, and shot films throughout the state. After graduating the University of Texas in Journalism and Advertising, began working at CBS, as a cameraperson, and on to directing short films on music, sports, lifestyle and culture.

Returning to New York, he was offered a position as a Producer of commercials at J. Walter Thompson. He would later start his own company Lance Freelance Films, with clients Pepsi, ESPN, and the NBA. Lance got into the New York motion picture scene, qualifying as an Assistant Director. He worked scores of films and TV shows shot in the city.

TAP Work:

"My reflections of my journey at TAP, are many; beginning with day one. I've been around artists all my life, but nothing like the diversity and energy I felt when I first walked into the room. My peers had all kinds of creative disciplines, poetry, dance, theater, music, writing to name a few. I felt at home. The starting project was simple, make a name tag and folder cover. I saw people around me spring into action. Drawing, using scissors to cut construction paper, markers, painting, while others danced to get glue. My mind screamed, no time for intimidation, but I better step up my game, find materials quickly and get busy. I have ever since."

"I learned in workshop exercises, to work in a creative group, be supportive, collaborate on ideas and disciplines to complete a task. The goal is to be flexible, open to other ideas and visions and shape the collective idea into a final product."

"My class facilitators Katie Rainey, Jay Howard, and Karla Robinson we're always there with encouragement, to answer any questions and give guidance, (and handouts) every time I needed it. There choice of topics, exercises, and guests were always on target with real life experiences."

"My internship was at P.S. 37 Bronx, Marble Hill section. I would have the good fortune to be matched with two experienced and talented mentors, Elizabeth Leonard and Gary Devirgilio. They would make me feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to go into the classroom. First to observe, and assist students with their writing assignment. Allow free expression, no judgement, help them if they ask. Gary was always prepared for anything, he carried a small cart filled with paper, pens, markers, crayons, and his guitar too. Elizabeth was great at setting the students mood for the exercise. It was great to see their methods."


  • To give back to students the knowledge and experience of a craft I have loved.

  • To help students actively view and critically think about electronic messages and their meanings.

  • Give students tools to better understand a powerful medium in their everyday lives..

Find out more about Lance here:

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