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Hattie Schapiro, Visual Artist

Hattie is a middle school teacher and visual artist who believes student empowerment is only possible with the discovery of a creative self. She brings a love for the natural and built environment into her work, inspired by the ways we are formed by the objects with which we surround ourselves. She is excited to continue her TAP learning through a masters in art education at City College.

TAP Work:

"TAP brought me to the Bronx, to a community of curious, kind artists and students, and to myself. In the Bronx I learned from Gary and Reilly, who brought music into my teaching artist practice. I worked with fourth grade students of PS 279 who constantly kept me on my toes, sharing their perspectives and passions as they morphed over the course of the residency. After class I traveled each week with Mintzu, who strengthened my lesson planning practice through their committed thoughtfulness in our collaborations. I found myself in a group of people eager to support my learning, and in this support turned my great love for student empowerment through art into a strength."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"I was lucky to be a part of the first salon planning crew which pulled me right into the TAP community. By working with others I felt a sense of commitment to the group and this early investment grounded me throughout the rest of my time in TAP. From this first salon to our last (over Zoom!), I am leaving TAP grateful for these moments where we got to share our artistic practices and work together to craft the kind of community environment we were seeking."

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