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Elizabeth Gannon, Performance Artist

Gannon is a theatre artist, dancer, and comedian living in Brooklyn, NY. She creates work with a focus on joy in movement and everyday life. Her work includes the one-woman-clown-dance show, Clown! Do Some Ballet!, presented at Theatre for a New City’s Dream Up Festival. With a focus on ensemble and physical theater, Gannon was selected as a fellow for the Collaborative Arts Lab at Accademia Dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy. With a cohort of 6 theatre artists, they created the immersive theater piece, Slurp it up. As a dancer, she worked with Alex Rose's Workhorse Dance Project in Look how high my leg....! performed at the Center Performance Research. She has performed clown and improv around the city at UCB, the PIT, Under St. Marks, and 13th Street Rep.

TAP Work:

"It's been a great learning and working with TAP. From the workshops to my in-class internship with at PS 85 in Queens with Amanda Newman and Libby Mislan, I could see the work put into practice. It was thrilling to see Mislan and Newman work together to support their students to express themselves through words and movement. With the education I received from TAP and the elective webinars, I look forward to implementing their wisdom as I grow in my own artistic teaching practice."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"It's hard to narrow the experience down to one moment. From day one, I could feel the warmth, support, and generosity of the TAP community. I have learned so much from my fellow peers and facilitators."

Find out more about Elizabeth here:

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