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Ebony Walcott, Visual Artist

“You’re never in the wrong place. Sometimes you’re in the right place looking at it the wrong way.” -UNKNOWN

Ebony is an artist from Brooklyn. She is currently working on a project with I Am Why Justice where she co-created a curriculum that will use art to inspire policies. In her role, she is not only drawing upon her skills as an artist but also increasing her knowledge about art as advocacy and how to create something that will have lasting impact. She hopes to use this knowledge to spread awareness about life after incarceration, and the enormous potential of art, entrepreneurship, and community-building. Ebony sees getting involved in the community as a critical way to share her own knowledge as well as gain new insights for her own life mission which is to make a difference in the lives of those around her with art as her power tool.

TAP Work:

"TAP for me was a great hands on learning experience. I was able to intern inside of a classroom and get to see what it really took to do the work inside of a school. I really appreciated the fact that during TAP class sessions it was more than just reading and taking notes. I had the chance to engage in insightful conversation and take part in games and activities that nourished my mind. During my time in TAP I have expanded my love for teaching. While enrolled in the program I had a career change I went from teaching after school to being a full-time classroom teacher. TAP has given me tools to better communicate with my students and create lessons that are suitable for their learning capacity."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"The most memorable moment for me was when Katie taught us all Anaphora!




Us: The beginning of a line or a phrase that repeats!"

Find out more about Ebony here:

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