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Christine Garmendiz, Media Artist

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

Christine has been a native to the South Bronx almost her entire life. She has become a filmmaker, production assistant and a producer with her work shown on various networks such as Nickelodeon and BronxNet. Before she knew she would become this, she attended and graduated high school school in the Bronx and went to college at SUNY New Paltz to study Digital Media Production (BIG shout out to the EOP family!). It was during those 4 years at college she would pursue internships with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Turner Broadcasting, now WarnerMedia. She is also a T.Howard Foundation and an IRTS Foundation alumni. When she's not freelancing and on the grind, she helps take care of her little brother, cooks A LOT, listens to Bad Bunny and/or J.Cole before work, and is building her skills as a teaching artist.

TAP Work:

"With TAP, I got a chance to work with fellow teaching artists in a middle school in my borough,The Bronx. From my TAP training, I got to apply it in real life at my internship. I was able to have this opportunity with the understanding and flexibility of the TAP program while having a full-time job. With TAP's extended learning opportunities, I'll be able to create online lessons for various programs."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"My most memorable TAP moment was our first training day. I got to learn about every single person in the program from their perspectives and introductions. It was a great exercise and time to learn about the people I'd be going on this journey with."

"Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone."

Find out more about Christine here:

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