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Ayaris Perez, Media Artist

Ayaris Perez is a filmmaker and creator from the Bronx. She obtained her BA in Digital Media Production and Communications from the State University of New York at New Paltz. Ayaris uses film as a medium to explore and voice our truths. Her work focuses on sharing the human experience. She has worked on various projects from promotional videos to documentary film. As an active artist in her community, Ayaris is one of the co-founders of Bronx Film 48, a film making initiative in the Bronx with the goal to create a community of creators to collaborate and share stories, “create magic” she likes to say. Her initiative holds events from networking events to workshops and the annual 48 hour film challenge. Ayaris’ goal is to teach film as a medium to explore our voices and as a tool to liberate.

TAP Work:

"TAP has been a huge growing and learning experience not just with teaching but with all relationships as well. When I first joined TAP, I was indecisive about being a teaching artist, after this journey I’m feeling more confident about my work and teaching. TAP allowed me to discover the tools to teach not “what to think, but how to think” to be lifelong learners, using art as a way to explore and express our voices. Now a teaching artist intern for DreamYard, Ayaris is putting into practice her Paths to Liberation curriculum. Thank you TAP for giving me the tools and confidence to continue this work."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“One of my most memorable TAP moments, well there are many, but if i have to narrow it down to one, it will be the day we all shared our lesson plans. It was so much fun and exciting to see each other shine as teaching artists, very inspiring.”

Find out more about Ayaria here:

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