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Ann Noling, Theatre Artist

Ann Noling is a NYC based director and teacher, born and raised in Brooklyn. She is drawn to language-driven pieces rooted in compassion that interrogate community, and her work is grounded in the belief that theatre must speak to the social and political realities outside the theater doors. Favorite projects include an ensemble version of Jessica Dickey’s Amish Project at Williamstown Theatre Festival, and Meet Murasaki Shikibu Followed by Book-Signing and Other Things by Julia Izumi at the 2016 NYC Fringe Festival. She has developed new work seen at The Cherry Lane Theatre, Dixon Place, The Brick, The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, and The Fourth Street Theatre, and has worked with Playwrights Horizons, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Manhattan Theatre Club, The Vineyard Theatre, and New York Theater Workshop in various directing and artistic fellowships and internships. She received her BA in American Studies with a focus on racial narratives in American theatre from Tufts University and in May 2020 will complete her MFA in directing from Brooklyn College, where she is also an Adjunct Lecturer in the Theatre Department teaching acting.

TAP Work:

"This year I interned with two 7th grade classes at IS 126 in Queens under the mentorship of Jay Howard and Gary Di Virgilio. The classes focused on writing, visual arts, and music which gave me a fantastic opportunity to expand my teaching experience beyond theater. The opportunity to work simultaneously in two classes with the same mentors was also a great way to learn on my feet about how to adapt lesson plans for different students and their different needs. After we moved online, I also made an online video lesson on lip syncing for IS 126 middle schoolers. Outside my internship, I have attended workshops on curriculum building and encouraging emotional literacy in the classroom, especially during online learning. Working with my partners Katharine Duckett and Rachele Kemp I planned a lesson and curriculum for a theater and writing residency on fractured fairy tales that encourages students to collaborate and celebrate their own unique imaginations and experiences."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"My most memorable moment at TAP was a morning I spent with one of the students at my internship working with her on writing a haiku in response to an image. She was very quiet and had just been sitting staring at her blank page for a long time before I went and sat down with her. I started casually asking her open-ended questions about the picture and what it made her think about. It took a while, but eventually three beautiful lines of poetry emerged from our conversation, and her quiet pride when it all came together was joyous to see."

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