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Tiffany Ramos, Visual Artist

Tiffany Ramos, born and raised in Queens, New York, attended Boston University for Fine Art with a focus in Painting, primarily utilizing oil paints, while experimenting with sculpture, printmaking, collage, and illustration throughout her process. Living in a densely multicultural environment and working with multiple communities has greatly influenced her interest in identity, social communication, and connection. She has a powerful interest in how cultures change over time, how people identify with others and themselves, individuals’ distinct perspectives, and the various connections between them all. In her work she aims to empower audiences through the embodiment of dramatic, unapologetic feeling.

TAP Work:

"During my time in the TAP program, I learned through experience and discussion, the many ways that a teaching artist can deconstruct a classroom and build a community within it. In each workshop we worked to expand and explore our methodology, diving deeper into our philosophies and values. I worked with my TAP mentor, Shawn Ferreyra, in PS 126 to bring to life an inspiring mural for the 8th grade class. As an advanced student, I facilitated my own classes with Artists Striving to End Poverty every Friday throughout the TAP program. I also participated in individual workshops held by Community-Word Project, Open Act, Arts for All, Wingspan Arts, and City Lore."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"One of my most memorable TAP moments was our sixth workshop. During our previous sessions my cohort had built lessons plans in groups, and this workshop was the moment to share them. Throughout this class I participated in my peers’ lessons, and was able to experience first hand how thoughtful and fun each lesson was. This experience was incredibly inspiring, it left me with a great hope for the community we were fostering in this classroom. Working together and watching each other shine as teaching artists was one of the most inspiring moments in TAP."

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