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Sasha Warner-Berry, Writer

Sasha Warner-Berry is a writer and educator living in Brooklyn, New York. She is a Cave Canem fellow, and her poems have appeared in Blueshift Journal and Muzzle Magazine. In addition to writing, her creative pursuits include theater, photography, and dance. She has experience teaching and developing curricula for both children and adults, and has also worked in community organizing, interpretation and translation, and hospitality. She holds a BA in Africana Studies from Brown University.

TAP Work:

"Participating in TAP was a chance for me to explore new territory as a teacher and as an artist. I did my internship at PS/MS 279, where teaching artists Chaya Babu and Tanya Everett used the arts to encourage students to observe the world around them and to imagine new possibilities. I got to know an amazing group of sixth graders, whose exuberance and curiosity were a great source of motivation for me."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"I had a wonderful experience working with my TAP partner to create a lesson plan and demonstrate it for our peers. I learned a lot through our collaboration, especially as we worked to combine our different art forms and address multiple intelligences, which led us to reflect on why art matters to us and what we hope to offer our students. It was so rewarding to watch our activity come to life the way we had imagined it, and to see how much the participants enjoyed it."

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