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Laura Yans, Writer

Born and raised in Beirut, Laura Yans is a writer, poet, oral historian, and educator. She has taught philosophy and languages to college students on three different continents before transitioning to creative writing. In her work as a poet and a writer, she combines personal life and philosophy.

TAP Work:

Through TAP, Laura had the incredible opportunity to intern with actress and writer Tanya Everett and writer Chaya Babu in a 6th grade classroom at PS/MS 279 Captain Manuel Rivera in the Bronx.

“It was an honor and a pleasure to intern with Chaya and Tanya. I learned so much from them, especially how to integrate multiple intelligences in a single lesson plan. It was my first time working with children, and I learned a lot from the way the teaching artists managed to keep students engaged and focused.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“It’s hard to pick a single one, but I can say that what I enjoyed the most was the time spent working with my lesson partner. I had designed curricular material previously but it was my first time putting together a lesson plan with somebody else. The collaboration was very fruitful and reminded me of a French African proverb: tout seul on va plus vite, ensemble, on va plus loin, which means that you go faster when you’re alone but further when you’re together with other people.”

Read a sample of Laura's work here.

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