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Kemara "Ny" Night, Poet


“Procure the bag

Secure your crown



Kemara Gwendolyn “Ny” Night has a big name with a larger history. With a heavy focus in writing, she is an “Artist-in-All-Forms” acquiring many awards, publications, and great praise for her vast work. Her public appearances include: being a guest on both “Open with Rhina Valentin” and “The Rachael Ray Show” (among others) and performances around the Tri-State area and out of state such as at The Kennedy Center in DC or the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts - to name a few. She’s also had modeling campaigns with Callen-Lorde, Scholastic, and much more! She has spit poems for government officials like Mayor De Blasio at The NYC Women’s March and sang alongside starlets such as Kristin Chenoweth in the Broadway Show “My Love Letter to Broadway.” From writing as a form of activism to her involvement in various art genres to pad the resistance, Ms. Night uses her passions to foster a world establishing art as the basis for healing. Currently, Kemara resides in The Bronx and has two books of poetry entitled “Mourning with Jubilee” and “The Troubled Contemplation” available on Amazon.

TAP Work:

"Throughout my time in TAP, I have been blessed with the gift of reconnection. Not only have I begun to re-establish bonds with people I once knew, I now am in a place where my teachers are my colleagues and I can work in conjunction with them. Moreover, TAP’s deeply empathetic approach has enabled me to regain hope in this society as well as my own impact within it. While in TAP, I was provided with compassion, motivation, the freedom to respectfully ask or challenge ideas, and patience. In these allowances, I rediscovered a greater sense of Self and was empowered to become a better version of myself. TAP is not just any internship. TAP understands they are dealing with one of the most powerful yet vulnerable types of people in this world - artists - and they tailor their curriculum to reflect the rigor we need with the love we deserve. My gratitude for this program is indescribable but if I were to define it in one word, it would be: #necessary."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"Collective art-making - regardless of how that is embarked upon by the individual - will always be one of the greatest joys I experienced in TAP; it is profoundly special to reveal yourself in front of many eyes open to supporting vs. persecuting."

Find out more about Ny here:

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