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Jesus Pellot, Performing Artist

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” - Margaret Mead

Jesus Pellot is a born and raised NYC performing artist with many films and plays completed starting at the age of 15. He first joined an Improv theater group called FACES and it was there when he discovered his true calling in the performing arts. Since then, Jesus Pellot has not only performed but he has taught as well. He currently works at The Boys Club of NY as a Group Leader/Teaching Artist where he teaches the importance of service learning and community building, and is now in the process of starting a brand new theater program at BCNY. Needing more inspiration, skill development, and structure in his teaching abilities to pursue a new passion, Jesus Pellot joined TAP in 2018 with the intent to inspire others and has never looked back.

TAP Work:

TAP is Jesus Pellot’s first Teaching Artist program and definitely not the last. This year Jesus was able to meet and work with some of the very best Teaching Artists in the field. He has interned at IS 126 Albert Shanker School for Visual & Performing Arts. That is where he met his mentors Javan Howard and Shawn Ferreyra, two of CWP’s extremely talented Teaching Artists. The lessons were focused on writing and visual arts. However, Jesus was given the honor of creating and teaching a lesson plan that incorporated the performing arts for the very first time in an actual classroom of 6th graders. Jesus was also able to attend some incredible workshops at National Dance Institute and amazing panels that featured talented Teaching Artists from other great organizations such as Opening Act, Carnegie Hall, Arts for All, and Wingspan Arts. For the first time in a long time, Jesus has felt what it is like to actually learn something, not just through repetition and memorization, but through actual experience and valuable advice other experienced Teaching Artists have shared. Jesus has made worthwhile friendships and connections along his journey through TAP.

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"My most valuable TAP moment was when I sat through a panel and listened to experienced Teaching Artists share their stories. It was proven to me that I’m not alone and there are other Teaching Artists who have gone through what I’ve gone through. It was so inspiring to hear the things they do for the community and for the children. I was assured, once the panel was over, the future of our children is looking very bright as long as we have artists like them teaching. I aspire to be just like them."

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