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Jayquan Booker, Theater Artist

Jayquan Booker is a 26-year-old New York Native from Queens Ny who is not only a Teaching Artist, but also a Actor, Model, Traveler and CEO of his own Marketing Brand. He has been working with children for almost 13 years and teaching for almost 8 years. His biggest focus is to inspire others world wide and use his platform to help others. Both his Grandmother and Mother were teachers for the Board of Ed. Jay pursued his teaching career at the age 19 where he created his own Basketball training program 'Who Got Next." He would train 20-30 children every summer until age 22. Around this time, he was teaching what he loved to do at Queens Community House Pomonok Center. At age 24 he started working at Wingspan Arts, where he started teaching. Not only sports, but Theatre, Sports and Fitness. Jayquan finally joined the TAP program in Fall 2018 to develop his skills and work on new material. Besides attending TAP, Jayquan also does a lot of commercial work with brands such as Champion, knicks, Stofa etc.

TAP Work:

The TAP program is Jayquan’s first artist program that works around teaching and working on new techniques in what he teachers. He worked at I.S. 126 through TAP where he taught an Acting Lesson based off what he had learned through TAP. His mentors were Javan Howard and Shawn Ferreyra. TAP has gave him many new ideas to bring back to his children to help them meet there goals. He has been able to network with new artists and learn from them to help perfect his craft as an artist.

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"My most memorable time at TAP was when I came to my 2nd class and saw such amazing people. Little do people know about me, I love to network, have a great time and be around people. With TAP, there’s always a lot of love in the room. Everyone has their own story to tell and everyone has an amazing gift."

Check out Jay’s Lesson Plan he presented in his CWP residency here.

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