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Reilly Horan, Technical Theatre Artist

Reilly Horan is a Brooklyn-based stage manager, technical director, scenic carpenter, storyteller, writer, and teaching artist, working with Blue Man Group, the Public Theater, Signature Theater, HERE Arts Center, the Moth, and the DreamYard Project. Both in New York and in a touring capacity, her work focuses on devised and multimedia collaborative theater and dance, theatrical community engagement projects, arts accessibility and working with young people, and disrupting and reimagining the profound lack of diversity and equity in the technical theater industry.

TAP Work:

In being a part of the TAP 2017-18 cohort, Reilly assisted at PS 316 in a first-grade writing and comic illustration class with the Community Word Project and assisted at the Neighborhood School in a pre-k musical storytelling class with Wingspan Arts. She also co-teaches a technical theater and design skill-building course for sophomores and juniors in high school at the DreamYard Project.

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"I just shared these small connections with different peers throughout my learning: going on a walk, sharing a lunch break, waltzing, riding home on the subway. The moments this program allowed for me to meet and learn about brave and beautiful people who were also interested in doing the kind of work I want to do was rare and inspiring."

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