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Malia Braithwaite, Theatre Artist

Malia participated in Opening Act for 2 years during high school, in which time she was a part of SLC and the Summer Arts and Leadership Conservatory, and performed at New York Live Arts and HBO headquarters. The Guyanese actor has worked alongside amazing talents Uzo Aduba, Kenny Leon, Zazie Beetz and more. She has also been in workshops with The Civilians and worked with Shakespeare In A Parking Lot as a stage manager. Malia‘s dream is to become a professional actor and one day establish her very own theater studio.

TAP Work:

"Malia interned at PS 316 with Mary Cinadr and Shawn Ferreyra with 1st graders."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“The memory that keeps replaying in my head goes back to the last day of class with our students. As we said our good byes one young girl ran up to me and gave me a hug. Throughout the program she was very shy and did not say much to anyone. It touched my heart to know that the little things we did together gave her the courage to say goodbye with a hug."

Check out Malia's Lesson Plan she created in her CWP residency.

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