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Jean-Luc Fontaine, Poet

Jean-Luc is a recent graduate with a B.A in Creative Writing and minor in Religion and Psychology from Florida State University. Jean-Luc is currently attending Sarah Lawrence College where he is completing an M.F.A in poetry. Jean-Luc’s poetry has been published in such journals as The Apalachee Review, Naugatuck River Review, Eclectica Magazine and is forthingcoming in Dialogist, Drunk Monkeys and Spillway. Through his poetry, Jean-Luc explores themes of trauma in hopes of reaching out to those who are suffering. As he navigates the classroom, Jean-Luc seeks to utilize joy and humor to help weave themes of social justice, and empathy into his curriculum.

TAP Work:

"Through TAP, I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Ferrandino’s third grade class at Juan Pablo Duarte elementary school. My experience with Ms. Ferrandino’s third grade class was an eye opening experience for me. As an artist, never have I felt more connected to people than when I was helping teach Ms. Ferrandino’s third grade class. Helping the children in that class create art, the giant smiles on their face as they finish a poem or finish drawing a poem, has shown me just how powerful art is in today’s world."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“The moment that sticks out the most for me is when I first taught my mock lesson in front of the TAP class of 2018-2019. As I taught my lesson in front of my peers, it dawned on me that I was teaching a lesson plan I had come up with. I realized that it was first time I had ever been given the opportunity to teach something that I truly felt passionate about."

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