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Chelsea Asher, Writer

Chelsea Asher a half Californian, half Brit with a passion for story-telling and teaching, now based in Brooklyn. She graduated from Bath Spa University in the UK in 2014 and has written and copy edited under multiple publications. She is currently underway with her MFA in Fiction Writing at Sarah Lawrence College, where she also facilitates a program working with incarcerated mothers to create children’s books for their kids. She has worn many hats, including Disney princess, dry cleaner and florist, which have all enriched her writing and world view, but her most recent hat of Teaching Artist seems to fit pretty well.

TAP Work:

"During my time at TAP, I have developed invaluable skills and creative contacts through a series of seminars and workshops. I interned with CWP Teaching Artists Javan Howard and Taylor Valentine at the IS 126Q public school with a couple of sixth grade classes. I also had the opportunity to take on a second placement with Katie Rainey at the Young Women’s Leadership School in Queens, with a ninth grade class."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“There are many memorable moments from this year, but a personal favorite is the lesson I led exploring stereotypes with my sixth graders in Astoria. It was really valuable for me as a person as well as a teacher to hear the perspectives expressed in the classroom, through discussions as well as through poetry. One girl wrote, “just because I am a girl, doesn’t mean I am weak." And moments like that are exactly why I love to do this."

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