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LP Kindred is a Chicagoan-Angeleno speculative and experimental fiction writer, editor, musician, and teaching artist. A Black Queer himself, LP's work explores belonging in contexts of cuisine, culture, community, and citizenship. An alum of Hurston-Wright, VONA, and Clarion, Kindred's writing can be found in Fiyah Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction, Prismatica (now-defunct), Speculative City, LeVar Burtom Reads, and Escape Pod. LP is an administrative member of Voodoonauts, a grassroots collective addressing the isolation and under-representation of Black Writers within the SFF community. His current projects include: an intergenerational mosaic novel featuring a Black Family of supers trying not to be heroes; an ominous collection of short fiction; an ominous collection of novellas; and a handful of unannounced anthologies. Kindred lives in East Hollywood with his TBR, a stack of fake and comic books, and assorted regrets. @lpkindred on Twitter and Instagram.

  • 2021 TAP Graduate
    2021 TAP Graduate

LP Kindred

2021 TAP Graduate
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