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Teaching Artist Project (TAP) is a collective of antiracist, diversely experienced, training, emerging and working arts educators and teaching artists who are looking for a supportive community to engage in a self-reflective, justice-oriented learning practice to enhance their teaching.  Our program is committed to the professional development of teaching artists through a social justice methodology that translates creative process into educational practice.

Through the 8-month long Teaching Artist Project training, participants will:

  • Expand teaching through experiential, inquiry and reflection processes
  • Investigate social justice education, pedagogies and philosophies

  • Explore creative processes and critical thinking

  • Implement strategies for classroom management 

  • Acquire and utilize teaching methods for multiple learning types and levels

  • Create collaborative arts lessons

  • Build community with artists, teachers and organizations across New York City

  • And much more!

The focus of each session is “what is teaching artistry now?”. This includes, but is not limited to, workshops on virtual learning, power & privilege, facilitation, career development, and internships focused on applicable classroom skills, building a portfolio of work, administrative skills and experience.  More information about our programming can be found here. 

Is this program for me? Who exactly does the TAP program serve?


The TAP 8 month signature program serves artists and arts educators coming from a wide range of backgrounds when it comes to creative practice and teaching experience. This program could be a great fit for you if:   


  • You already have some experience in the teaching artist field, but are seeking: 

    • Further professional development and skills around curriculum building

    • A deeper understanding of how to develop a justice-oriented teaching practice 

    • A sense of community and connection within the field of teaching artistry

    • An understanding of what entrepreneurship opportunities exist within the teaching artist field


  • You are an experienced educator who desires:

    • More practical application of social justice approaches in creative arts classrooms

    • Further direction on creating a sustainable career in arts education

    • Guided support to build your own socially engaged arts program

    • Continued professional development around developing multi-disciplinary arts curriculum 


  • You have little to no teaching experience, but are an artist with a strong commitment to your own practice, and an interest in gaining facilitation and curriculum building skills to teach your art form in group settings  


  • You’re a student with an interest in the intersection of arts, activism, and education, looking to supplement your learning with hands-on experience.   


  • You are an administrator within Arts Education and would like to gain experience as a Teaching Artist.


If you’re curious about if the program could be a good fit for you, feel free to reach out and have a conversation with us!  Use the contact us form at the bottom of the page to submit your questions!

More about TAP

TAP is a division of Community-Word Project (CWP), a New York City based 501(c)(3) arts-in-education organization that inspires children in underserved communities to read, interpret, and respond to their world and to become active citizens through collaborative arts residencies and teacher training programs. Formerly known as the Teaching Artist Training and Internship Program (TATIP), Teaching Artist Project was the first of its kind and remains today the only comprehensive training program for working Teaching Artists. Teaching Artist Project alums have gone on to serve over 250,000 students throughout the world.

TAP workshops will be in-person for our 2023-24 programming season. Our 8 month Signature Program will run from October 2023 to May 2024 including internships, which will be in-schools and in arts administrative offices.  Some of our community building and art sharing events will remain virtual and scheduled in advance.  


*Because NYC public schools have returned to in-person classes, you must be vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter NYC schools.  Fingerprinting is also required to complete an internship.

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"A teacher in search of their own freedom may be the only kind of teacher who can arouse young persons to go in search of their own."—Maxine Greene

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