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Summer Institute is a three-day intensive workshop for creative writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, and theater artists with 2+ years teaching artist experience.

Summer Institute's training curriculum is based on Community-Word Project's "creative process" exploration methods, teaching practices and arts-in-education philosophy developed over 18 years. 

  • ​Expand your impact in teaching for social justice

  • Deepen your teaching with experiential, inquiry and reflection processes

  • Connect with Teaching Artists from around the country

  • Explore creative processes and critical thinking

  • Investigate techniques for project-based arts integration

  • Build new strategies for classroom management

See what the participants were up to in our Summer Institute 2018 here


"In the Summer Institute, every voice in the space, every moment, every movement is a resource. The same is true in an open and effective classroom. By being the student, we experienced the lessons from critical viewpoints as both a participant and a facilitator. As a result, I left a better artist, teacher and curator for experiences for social change. And while I still had more questions and desire for even more intricate training, I left feeling prepared and full."

Summer Institute 2018