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Samira Sadeque, Writer

Samira Sadeque is a New York-based Bangladeshi poet and journalist. She covers immigrant communities, hate speech and gender violence in both her journalism and poetry. Her work appears in Button Poetry, Black Horse Review and No, Dear, as well as in the In Full Color anthology and elsewhere. She is a Brooklyn Poets Fellow, a Best of the Net nominee and an alum of Winter Tangerine and Cave Canem. She currently works as a teaching artist with City Lore, teaching global traditions of poetry to middle-schoolers in an NYC public school.

TAP Work:

"Through my TAP workshops, I have learned the importance of collaborating with other artists, juggling different schedules and managing delegating work. I really enjoyed working on our final project which we can't wait to share with the team. When we were brainstorming for our final project, we took one morsel and each came up with brilliant, different ways of presenting it. It was a great reminder of all the ways different artists' work can be included in different ways, giving voice to each person in the group."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"One experience I shared in a small group was about the dynamics between white and non-white co-workers at work, and one of the other participants began vehemently shaking their head in agreement. It opened up a conversation where everything each of us said became so very relatable. I felt really seen, but also realized how many of us are on the same boat. It made me want to take this up as an issue and address it."

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