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Kate Thomas, Writer

Kate Thomas is a social worker, educator, and performance poet. She seeks to build community, connection, and confidence through her workshops and art. Kate has performed across the country in national slam competitions, protests, rallies, open mics, and cabarets. Her creative work is introspective, vulnerable, and uncovers identity, bias, and memory. As captain of the 2013-2014 Rutgers University Slam Team, she directed and performed in a group poem that went viral. She's facilitated creative writing workshops, theater arts lessons, and social justice curricula for after school programs, summer camps, schools, and college classrooms. Kate's writing was featured on the FRIDAY App, published in the University of Iowa School of Social Work's 2016 National Poetry Chapbook, and received third place in the 2011 Drucker Fellows Program Arts of Respect Competition. Kate flourishes in collaborative partnership and enjoys working with artists across disciplines.

TAP Work:

"Through TAP, I've been inspired by teaching artists across disciplines and have had the opportunity to practice visual arts, theater, writing and performance all from my own home. It was a blessing to learn from Adriana Guzmán and the talented team of artists in the Inclusive and Collaborative Art Fieldwork. These times have called for more creativity, patience, and practice than ever before, and this community has been overflowing with new ideas, support, and inspiration. I'm taking away rich activities, curricula, and pedagogy to infuse into my virtual and in-person work, and feel the possibilities are endless! Many thanks to the thoughtful planning and leadership of Katie Rainey, Jay Howard, and Adriana Guzmán to make this cohort a successful learning experience, and the whole cohort for moving me with your creativity, passion, and love."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"The space we nurtured for our first virtual salon was warm, inviting, and joyful. I almost forgot it was virtual! That's the power of creating, sharing, and receiving art in community. And for being a part of that, I'm incredibly grateful."

Find out more about Kate here:

Pushing on fear - Kate Thomas
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