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Valérie Hallier, Multimedia Artist

Multimedia artist Valérie Hallier came to the US with a Fulbright Scholarship after graduating from the ENSAD (Video, Cinema, Animation) in her native Paris, France. In NYC, she received a MFA from SVA. Conceptual and project based, her work consists of series and installations. - “As a child, I was obsessed with the idea of drawing every single thing that exists in the world.” Valérie’s projects explore the absurdity and the poetry of exhaustive study. Her work is being shown internationally. Main solo shows include “Screened Calls & Slow Portraits” at Medianoche gallery (NYC) and “Portraits Lents” at the ESAM, Caen, France. Group show locations include the LMCC Arts Center, Brooklyn Arts Council, A.I.R. gallery, plus many venues in the rest of the US like ACM Siggraph (FL) or SCAN Arts Symposium (PA.) In Europe, venues include Les Grands Voisins in Paris, France and Nadania Idriss Gallery in Berlin, Germany, among others.

Hallier was commissioned by the Drawing Center (NYC) for Draw Now! after a LMCC artist residency on Governor Island. She was a guest of The NY Theremin Society at Pioneer Works and was selected to be part of BRIC Media Arts first edition Biennial in Brooklyn, NY. Back to an early love for education, Valérie is passionate about working with kids and youth to exchange as creative minds, learning from one another.

TAP Work:

"The TAP program has brought me a lot of food for thoughts as a new teaching artist. The philosophy, structure, and techniques taught during the workshops and elective seminars used revealing metaphors and multiple angles and entries that helped to apprehend difficult and pregnant subjects matters concerning education and social justice. It has opened my mind to the complexity and the amazing potential of teaching art. Interning at PS 84 in Williamsburg showed me diverse class dynamics and ways of teaching that emphasized respect, integrity and creativity. From Phillip’s beautifully crafted lessons or the seemingly impromptu poetic and musical strokes of Phyllis, to the calm and precise guidance of Felipe, all were great sources of inspiration to impact a class and a reminder to be myself and develop my own style as a teaching artist."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"One of the many memorable moments during my time with TAP happened in the classroom at PS 84 during my internship with 3rd graders, Philip where one of the kid refused for one class to participate in our activity. I kneeled down and spoke with him briefly, asking what was wrong and I saw the expression on his face change… next class, this same kid hugged me as I came in the room and I felt this huge wave of love and energy I will never forget."

"Another memorable moments, scary at first, was realizing on the spot that I would be presenting my first lesson plan with my TAP partner Kurt right before lunch instead of right after lunch, which would have given us time to rehearsed… Very anxious and nervous, I went for it and thanks to our previous work and easy collaborative flow, the lesson presentation went better than I expected. It made me feel that I was at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing."

Check out more about Valérie here:

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