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Mikayla Morin, Playwright

Mak Morin is a native Vermonter and 2016 graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she studied Dramatic Writing and Educational Theatre. Since graduating, she has worked for screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson, Archer Gray Productions, Double Take Comics, Rebel Playhouse, and Nickelodeon. Currently, Mak is serving as a Teaching Artist Resident at VOYAGES Prep high school in Queens as a part of AmeriCorps' ArtistYear of National Service. In September, she will return to NYU to study Drama Therapy as a graduate student. A person of simple pleasures, Mak loves authentic maple syrup, very snowy winters, sweet coffee, bitter tea, women’s hockey, listening to and making music, staying up all night with a good book, and hanging out with her pet rats Emile “Emmy” Nelligan and Philippe “Pepper” Petit. As a queer writer and activist, Mak is so grateful to have been a part of the TAP Cohort and greatly looks forward to getting out into the world as a true citizen artist!

TAP Work:

"At TAP, Mikayla interned at The Young Women’s Leadership School with mentor teaching artist Katie Rainey. In the ninth grade class, Mikayla helped lead free-write sharings and gave a lesson on creating and producing podcasts. Mikayla also attended numerous seminars offered by TAP and partner programs to expand her facilitation skills in many styles of art, for a range of populations."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

"My favorite moments were in the classroom with Katie and the young ladies of TYWLS. Incredible to hear their voices, witness their silliness and their seriousness, and see them grow from inquisitive students to powerful performers at the banquet. My heart was glowing, and my hats off to all the teaching artists who make moments like that possible - I can’t wait to be amongst you soon!"

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