Elizabeth Olear, Visual & Performance Artist

May 18, 2018


Elizabeth Olear is an Artist and Teaching Artist. Within both fields her focus lies in combining creativity and positive vulnerability as a tool for empowerment. Elizabeth has been a Teaching Artist with The Young Women’s Leadership School and Curious Jane and an Teaching Artist Assistant with Marquis Studios and Wingspan. She also curates an ongoing reading series titled A Love Letter Reading and plays the autoharp in her band Pretty Polly. oleariam.com



TAP Work:


"Through TAP, Elizabeth has worked closely with the students of The Young Women’s Leadership School at the Jamaica, Queens, campus. Under the mentorship of Katie Rainey, Elizabeth has co-assisted and co-facilitated classes with AnJu Hyppolite. Elizabeth was also able to co-lead the TYWLS’ Con Ed Civics Project Mural Residency with Ro Garrido and intern under Matt Prigge for Sketch Comedy at The Anderson School with Wingspan."



Most Memorable TAP Moment: 


“Elizabeth enjoyed visiting St. John’s University with the TYWLS students for the Citizen exhibition after reading Claudia Rankin’s Citizen together."


Find out more about Elizabeth here:



Check out Elizabeth's Lesson Plan she presented in her CWP residency.







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